Recognizing when your children need you the most….Part 1

**Since I inadvertently published this yesterday (typos and all) before it was actually finished I’ve decided to break this post into a two parter. Stay tuned.**

Recognizing when your children need you most #parenting #teens #daughters

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I’ve been under the radar for the last month or so and you may have noticed the lack of blog posts and social media interactions from me. No, I haven’t run screaming from My Rural Mommy, I haven’t gotten sick of the blogging world, my idea bank has not run dry. In fact, I have so much to share with you all that I hardly know where to start! However, after an unexpected challenge with our oldest daughter, Cay, about a month ago I made the decision to take a bit of a blogging break.

Her thirteenth birthday is quickly approaching and the transition from adolescent to full fledged teenager has been much rockier that I had ever expected. For at least six months now her mood swings have ranged from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. I kept saying to my husband, “I swear she is going to start her period anyday now!” and I was right. Even though I was expecting it to happen I was still slightly unprepared when it actually did.

Looking back now, I should have been much more prepared than I was……

Let’s rewind things back to the first of the year. It was a Thursday like any other. My mom had taken my oldest to the pediatrician for her yearly physical and everything was great. While they were at the doctor’s office my daughter had run into a friend from school, we’ll call her Jenny. As they were chatting Jenny mentioned to my daughter that she was having a sleepover the next night for her thirteenth birthday. She handed Cay a note scribbled on a piece of loose leaf paper that apparently was meant to act as her invitation.

When my daughter returned home from her appointment she handed me the note and excitedly asked, “Can I go Mommy? Please, please, please?!?!?”. My very first reaction was to ask who is this Jenny? This was a name that I had NEVER heard her mention before. Not even once. The scribbled hand written note was my next red flag. The “invitation” went on to reveal that the sleepover would actually be at Jenny’s 20-something year old sister’s apartment and that my daughter should get a note from me so that she could ride the bus home with her then the older sister would pick them up for this sleepover.

Did you catch that? No. Parental. Supervision. My Mommy radar was in high alert at this point, I have no idea who this girl is and then all of a sudden there’s a sleepover with no parents. Um, no….just no. I calmly explained to her that there was no way I was going to allow a sleepover with no parental supervision at any age and especially not in the seventh grade. While I expressed that I was sorry that she couldn’t attend this particular party (with 24 hours notice no less) that Jenny was certainly welcome to come to our house at another time.

Cay was clearly upset and continued to beg for the rest of the evening and the next morning before school. Hubby and I held our ground and again empathized with her disappointment while explaining that this was not a situation that we were at all comfortable with and would not be changing our minds on this one.

I went about my day as I normally would and when 3:30 rolled around the school bus passed our house. Hmmm…. she must have stayed after school, I thought. Then the late bus rolled on by….my child was NOT on it. AT this point it’s 4:30 on a Friday. I called the bus garage who physically checked every single bus and called each of the drivers at home. No Caytlyn. 

To be continued…..


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  1. OHMYGOSH- I am sick about this!! I would have DIED! Oh Sara… I can only imagine what you were going through! I pray everything turns out in the next blog post! Oh, how I pray!
    Chris Carter recently posted…The Perfect Way To Start Your Day-Pray!My Profile

  2. I hope you were able to track your daughter down. I think mommy breaks are needed and hope that your daughter is able to get things sorted out. The monthly visitor is no fun.
    Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families recently posted…The Tacky Box Can Help Parents Take Charge of A Potty Mouth or Stop Kids Saying Hurtful ThingsMy Profile


  1. […] After our oldest daughter’s struggles last winter/spring I feel like she is in such a better place now. A few months of family counseling, better communication, lots of quality family time….she and I are closer than ever! Without going into too much detail I will just say that she has returned to the happy, funny, fun-to-be-around girl that we had missed so much and I am no longer spending every day in fear of what she might do next. That. feels. Good. […]