Top 5 Ways Parents Can Use Technology ~ Guest Post

Being a parent in this technology infested world can be challenging. Unless you’re extremely skilled at sheltering your kids from things like TV, radio or even other kids with tech knowledge, the world of technology will certainly be a part of your child’s learning process.

Depending on how you present it to your child, technology can be largely beneficial to mental growth. Check out these ways to nurture a healthy relationship between your child and technology:

1. Get creative with Pinterest

If you’re already a fan of the image collecting website, Pinterest, you probably know of the limitless topics of inspiration. Get crafty and help your kid pin arts and crafts they’d like to try at home.

Or, look up creative recipes together and get ideas for dessert. There are plenty of ways Pinterest can be fun for both of you. Plus, check out these boards specifically made for kids.

2. Watch educational videos

Watching TV isn’t always the worst thing in the world. Beat the negative notion that all video watching is bad for growing brains. Shows on PBS, The Discovery Channel, and The History Channel usually have a ton of educational value. Your local TV service is bound to have several enriching channels you and your whole family can enjoy.

Plus, if you have an older child, go to for 700K high quality educational videos. There are primary and secondary education categories from Khan Academy, Stanford, and TED-Edu. If you’re on-the-go, these are all accessible on a mobile device or tablet.

3. Play games and practice math

Use high-speed Internet technology to get online and play some games with your kids. Plenty of online games require mental engagement and provide intellectual challenges. Check out the best 5 math practice websites or let your little one play spelling games on your home computer. With supervision and guidance, these tools will be both educational and entertaining.

4. Encourage reading

If you have an e-reader or a tablet, a great way to get your kids into reading is to set an example. If you have books and magazines downloaded for your own reading enjoyment, show them how fun and easy it is to pick up an electronic book.

Scroll through reading options with them, choose a good book, and watch them enjoy swiping the screen to turn the page. A little technology can add a lot of value to the traditional alternative of a paperback chapter book.

5. Explore apps

The last thing you should consider is the abundance of applications you can use on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Apps can surprise, amuse, and provide hours of disguised learning to your children.

There are thousands of apps that can benefit your kids in pretty much any topic you can imagine. For example, there are even apps for teaching potty training. Yeah, there’s an app for that.


AUTHOR: Adrian Rawlings

BIO: Adrian Rawlings is a TV and parenting blogger. Look to him for the scoop on hit movies and TV shows, parenting, tech reviews, how-to’s, and more.

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