How to grow green onions in your kitchen from scraps!

How to grow green onions from kitchen scraps

One of the ways that I save on groceries for five people is by growing some of my own food. I’ve written many posts about my gardening adventures but that is just the tips of the iceberg! I’ve seen many tips on Pinterest about growing your own produce from scraps and have tried a few. So far I’ve had the best luck with green onions. In fact, I haven’t had to buy any for several months!

A few months back I had picked up a bunch of green onions for one of my favorite weekday lunch dishes, taco dip. After chopping up the onions to sprinkle on top of my dip I held onto the end pieces. Then I placed them into a glass jar and filled it with water about halfway up the onion ends. I then placed the glass on the windowsill where it will get plenty of sunshine.

Within just a few days I started seeing the fruits of my labor, so to speak. New onions grew straight out of the stubs. I’m telling you, it’s like freaking magic! Within about a week I had a full grown bunch of scallions just waiting for me. Aside from the obvious of saving money by not having to buy these at the store I also have the benefit of fresh green onions whenever I want them.

There is no need to refrigerate these as they are continuously growing. I simply snip off a few here and there when I need them for a recipe or garnish and new ones grow in there place. It truly could not be any easier! The only recommendation I would make is to be sure that you change the water every day or two. I’ve found that if you don’t do this the ends tend to start trapping mold. No bueno!

Eventually your roots may start to outgrow the glass and at that point you’ll either want to move them to a larger glass, plant them in a container with dirt, or even transplant them into your garden. It’s too late for me this year but next year I’ll definitely be putting some in mine. Some other foods that will regrow from scraps right in your kitchen include celery, romaine lettuce, potatoes, and garlic (my next experiment).

Have you tried growing green onions, or any other foods from your kitchen scraps?

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  1. Great idea! It seems so simple but at the same time a great solution to having fresh green onions all the time. I cook a lot and I am starting to think about gardening my own herbs and greens in order to have them fresh any time I need them. Your blog posts have been very helpful! Any other simple and easy ideas, keep them coming!!!

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  2. Interesting technique I liked it. I will use this tip Thanks for sharing it with us!! :)