4 Ways Teens Can Stay Safe on the Road This Summer ~ Guest Post

Today’s guest post is about a topic that is on the radar for many parents, including me in just a few short years, teen driving! Please welcome Sarah Henderson from I DRIVE SAFELY as she shares some great tips for keeping teen drivers safe on the road during the summer months.

Tips for Teen Drivers

It’s July, which means the scorching days of summer are upon us. Young people everywhere want to cruise down to the beach or the public pool to cool off – but it’s the “cruising” portion of this scenario the requires special attention. Getting behind the wheel during the summer months is still risky – way beyond a too-hot-to-touch steering wheel or sticky leather seats.

Here are some tips to keep you safe on the road so you stay stress-free and enjoy your summer fun.

1. Keep Your Car in Tip-Top Shape

It may seem easy to maintain your car during the summer since there aren’t things like an iced-over windshield to deal with on most days. But extreme heat causes problems for your vehicle too, and there are ways to prevent them. For example, engine overheating is a serious issue during summer. By regularly checking your coolant level, it’s easier to keep the problem at bay.

2. Keep Passengers to a Minimum

Even though teens have the freedom to spend more time with their friends during the summer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that big groups in a newly licensed driver’s car are a good idea. Regardless of age, passengers are distracting for any driver. But distraction coupled with inexperience behind the wheel only spells disaster.

3. Never Drink and Drive

Summer is a popular time for barbecues and beach bonfires: events that frequently include alcohol. No one should ever get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol – even if you’re over 21 and especially if you’re a teen. The risk is simply not worth it.

4. Avoid Driving At Night

Summer parties often take place a night, which means more night driving for teens. And, nighttime is dangerous for teen drivers: visibility is reduced and the is a higher chance of an accident occurring. Plus, it’s the time when drunk drivers are out (some could even be fellow party-goers!). Because of this, teens should stay off the road after dark if at all possible, or at least reduce their drive time when it’s late.

Keep these tips in mind whenever a teen hits the road. Driver’s ED courses, like the ones offered by I DRIVE SAFELY, cover this information extensively, as well as other helpful facts that every driver should be aware of. Whether you’re a teen that needs a refresher course, or a teen that’s looking to get your driver’s license tomorrow, I DRIVE SAFELY has you covered. Stay safe out there!

Sarah takes a keen interest in child road safety and also in the road itself, for anyone to remain safe on the roads they must also be safe to actually ride/drive on, for more information please see here.

About Sara

Sara is just your average rural mommy trying to balance life as a wife, mom of 3 girls (ages 13, 5, & 3) and blogger…and how she doesn't always succeed. When she's not wrangling kiddos she enjoys writing, gardening, and trying out new recipes. Connect with Sara on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ to follow her journey to parental bliss!


  1. Hi Sara,

    Ya its a nice information you provided for teen drivers. Your list of expectations should include absolutely no cell phone usage while driving, and rules specifically related to when and where the vehicle can be driven.

    We consider that more teens are killed in car crashes every year than any other manner, the focus becomes crystal clear that encouraging safe driving habits, establishing strict rules and expectations, and limiting risky behavior is critical to keeping our young drivers safe this summer.

    Almost forgot to tell you there is a typo in 4th point – “teem drivers” should read as “teen drivers”

    - Cierra
    Cierra recently posted…Senior Driving Course MinnesotaMy Profile

    • Cierra, great point about cell phone usage! Here in NY we have strict laws against texting and/or using the phone (unless hands-free) while driving. Thanks for your feedback! :)

  2. An excellent post as preventing accidents is the key, especially for young people who are just starting out and learning. One or two passengers is enough. A well-maintained vehicle helps a lot. Also, they should never text or use a cell phone while driving. Nobody should, it is a major distraction.