A Day at the Museum ~ Wordless Wednesday

Spring Break was several weeks earlier than usual in our school district due to some changes in the NY state testing schedule (don’t get me started). So that meant a full week plus a day of NO SCHOOL! Being late March/early April the weather left much to be desired and after the long Easter weekend the kiddos were high on sugar and ready for some fun outside of the house.

Enter the Museum of Science and Technology AKA The MOST in downtown Syracuse. My sister, sister-in-law and I decided that it would be the perfect outing for six kids (ranging from 20 months to almost 12) on a cold and dreary afternoon. I’m telling you, this place did NOT disappoint! There was really something for everyone and the kids had a blast!

They spent the day digging for fossils

Museum trip with 6 kids

Exploring the city skyline

Day at the museum with kidsThe Most_4

Crawling through tunnels

The Most_2
The Most_1

And peering deep into the brain

The Most_5

The entire day went surprisingly well. Nobody got lost and fun was had by all! Like I had said at the beginning of our adventure, “Three moms and six kids? We got this!”

How did you spend your spring break vacation?


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  1. Great day! We have a similar type place here in town, but it’s been ages since we’ve gone..the kids are ‘too old’ for it now (at 8 and 12! lol)
    orangeheromama recently posted…#WordlessWednesday – #HeadachesSuck w linkyMy Profile

  2. {Melinda} I remember those days! ;) Those are such fun memories to have. You captured the day so well.
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted…helping our kids look before they leapMy Profile

  3. Going to museums with my mother are some of my best memories!