Tommee Tippee Explora Truly No Spill Cup Review

tommee tippee explora

Now that the baby is quickly approaching the age of two (hmmm, maybe I should stop referring to her as “the baby”) and our toddler is almost four (yikes) we have finally traded in all of the baby bottles for sippy cups. There is just something about this that makes me want to jump for joy! No more chewed up nipples, bottle brushes, or missing rings. Over the years  we have used our fair share of sippy cups and each has their pros and cons. However, the one cup I had not yet tried is the Tommee Tippee brand.

We did use Tommee Tippee bottles with our youngest and absolutely loved them! Since she was exclusively breastfed we found that these bottle were best designed to be similar to mom. No nipple confusion here and that makes for both happy mommy and happy baby!

Anyway, now that we are in the “big kid” cup phase I was excited to find out that Tommee Tippee has a line of sippy cups as well! Even more exciting than that? They were willing to send us a 2-pack of Explora Truly Spill Proof cups for the girls to try out. Aren’t they sweet?

Both of the little girls have been using their cups for a few weeks now and we are in love! The designs are super cute! The two-piece non-spill insert is really easy to remove and clean. The contoured design of the cups make it easy for even baby’s little hands to grip.

Plus, I’ve got amazing news! Wait for it…..NO SPILLS! That’s right, not one single drop has spilled from these cups. We have tried many “non-spill” cups in the past and every single one has dribbled at some point.

I literally stood over the kitchen sink and vigorously shook both cups upside down. Nothing. Came. Out. This is nothing short of a miracle in my book! In fact, I ran straight to the store and bought another pack. True story!

Tommee Tippee makes a variety of infant and toddler feeding supplies and can be purchased at many Target and Babies R Us locations.  To learn more about the many product lines available please check out the Tommee Tippee brand website. Follow Tommee Tippee on both Facebook and Twitter for product updates as well.

**Disclosure – I received a 2-pack of Tommee Tippee cups for free in return for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was received. Regardless, all opinions are 100% mine and unbiased.**

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