This is what happens when mommy loses motivation…

Boo, I’m sick. I’ve been battling an obnoxious infection for the better part of a week and quite frankly, I’m sick of being sick. One of the glorious side effects of feeling like poo is my complete loss of motivation. Yup, I don’t want to do ANYTHING. Of course being a mother doing NOTHING is not an option. So, I’ve been trying my best to at least accomplish one or two tasks a day.

My hubby has been a saint, doing all sorts of cleaning this weekend and I’m pretty sure that I could not possibly love him any harder than I do now. But let’s go back to the whole motivation piece. I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the last few days hanging out on the couch and being lazy. Hell, I’ve even had tons of quiet time with my laptop (which never happens).

So, one would think that I would have been writing blog posts left and right. Right? Wrong. I haven’t written a single one. The laziness and slack is just oozing out of me. I’m not going to lie. It’s been kind of wonderful! I’ve had plenty of snuggle time with the girls which is something you can never get too much of.

The other thing that has been filling my time is photos. I have poured through hundreds of photos that someday will make their way off the computer and into an actual album. Someday, but until then I thought I might share a few of my favorites with you all. You know, since I’m still pretty unmotivated and can’t think clearly enough to write. I give to you……a good ole’ photo dump!

sleeping toddlerChristopher WalkenRileyMe & Hubbybaking with kids

How do you pass the time when you’re sick?

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  1. LOVE these photos!! I get that when you feel like crap, it’s so so hard to do anything…especially be creative and use that little energy you have for anything but functioning and surviving. I do hope you are feeling better soon!!!! Hang in there sweetie…there is enough time in life to do all the other “to do”s. :)
    Chris Carter recently posted…The Party Moms Should Refuse…My Profile

    • Thanks, Chris! The doctor ended up putting me on a different antibiotic and I”m finally starting to feel better! Honestly, it was kind of nice to just stop and relax a bit. I don’t do that enough. =)