Mommy’s goals for 2013

I have always been a huge fan of lists. Grocery lists, chore lists, cleaning lists, etc. But I’m not always so great at following and completing the tasks on my lists. So, for the first time I’ve decided to write down my goals for the upcoming year and actually stick to it! I’m hoping that this will motivate me to be accountable and stop procrastinating. No more excuses!  

Personal Goals for 2013:

  • Make a budget and stick to it ~ I already plan out my shopping trips using coupon match ups from I Am THAT Lady. Every week I faithfully print out and clip my coupons in order to follow the list. Why not do the same with my household budget. My plan is to utilize my Dave Ramsey budgeting software and plan each month to the dollar. This will also include using a cash envelope system for anticipated purchases; gas, food, car maintenance, etc.
  • Eliminate at least 3 debts ~ In the past I have tried the snowball system but was not very good at sticking with it. I’m not sure yet if I will try this again BUT I do have a few specific debts that I plan to wipe out by the end of the year. Who knows? Maybe I can knock out more than 3!
  • Better time management ~ Part of reaching this goal is going require that I actually use the daily calendar/planner that I have. Scheduling my day more should help me to be more productive with my time. Plus, I get great satisfaction of crossing out each activity on my list thus motivating me even more!
  • Get organized ~ This year is going to be a time of clearing out the clutter, both literally and figuratively. I think that better time management will help to get this one rolling as well. We need to donate and toss the physical belongings that are taking up space in our home. On top of that I will be reevaluating and clearing out the mental clutter as well. Letting go!
  • Rebuild grocery stockpile ~ Before our youngest was born I had a pretty impressive stockpile of pantry and household necessities. After she arrived I slacked. Plain and simple. I plan to get back into it with a passion and restock! We are a family of 5 and the fewer trips to the grocery store I need to make, the better!

Blogging Goals for 2013:

  • Make the move to Word Press ~ When I first started this blog I wasn’t really sure if I would have the discipline to actually stick with it. I have a bad habit of starting projects that I don’t always finish. Because of this I didn’t want to invest too much money into my new hobby and went with a standard Blogger account. Well, almost a year into it and I’ve realized that this has become more than just a hobby to me. My passion and love for my blog and readers has grown into what I hope will be a fulfilling and successful business venture for me in the near future.
  • Blog redesign ~ Another part of moving this “hobby” into the monetizing direction will include a face lift. I am currently researching designers and making plans in my head about what I want my look to say about my brand. Stay tuned for some big changes soon!
  • Post more consistently ~ For the most part I try to post at least 3 times a week. However, if I don’t plan my posts ahead of time this doesn’t always happen for me. I’ve realized that if I have a few posts written in advance it makes it much easier for me to publish on a consistent basis. Of course there are times when life happens and I just don’t have the time to write. So having a few completed posts sitting in draft I will allow me to just hit publish on a regular basis.
  • Increase traffic and reader engagement ~ Over the last 6 months or so my traffic stats have begun increase slowly but surely. I plan to utilize social media a bit more than I have been to encourage the sharing of content. More “Pinnable” images, leaving more comments on the blogs that I read every day, sharing more relevant content via Twitter and Facebook.
  • Improve photography skills ~ Just before Christmas I finally acquired a DSLR camera and it has really piqued my interest in photography. The photos that I have posted here have been mostly from my iPhone or my ancient Kodak Easy Share. Although I have tweeked them using the free photo editing site, Picmonkey, they still have not always been the best quality. Since receiving my Canon EOS Rebel T3 I have done a bit of research and am learning some very basic techniques. I’m thinking about maybe taking a beginner photography class to help improve.

For the most part my biggest goal of 2013 is simply to stick to these goals! I WILL be more accountable for my own actions. I WILL stop making excuses. I WILL cross these goals off before next January. I WILL expect you all to call my out if I don’t. =)

What are your goals for the new year?

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  1. Heathers Happenings says:

    I really love your goals. There are quite a few from your list I need to do. Knocking out some debt is #1. My husband is the couponer here, but I need to set some time aside to help him and plan our shopping trips out more.

    • You’re lucky, my hubby only uses coupons if I send him to the store with very specific instructions. Even then there’s a 50/50 chance he’ll come home with them still in his pocket…lol! Good luck with your debt reduction! =)

  2. WOW!! Those are some amazing goals!!! Your blogging goals rock!! I too want to do many that you shared… but it’s so overwhelming to think about it all! “Baby steps” I tell myself…”Baby Steps”…

  3. love it! my goals are similar :)

  4. Congrats on your new DSLR! It will make a big difference.


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