Some moms don’t do windows, I don’t do breakfast

motherhood isn't always easy

My children eat cereal and frozen waffles almost every single morning. I make pancakes maybe twice a year and when I do they are practically inedible. We do have eggs occasionally but they are usually for dinner, not breakfast.

See, the thing is I personally don’t eat breakfast and while I am well aware that the kids need something to start their day I have just never been that mom. You know, the mom that wakes up before the kids and starts frying bacon, scrambling eggs and pouring glasses of orange juice.

I am the mom that pours a bowl of cereal while throwing together lunches and struggling to get everyone out the door on time. I am the mom that opens up a can of cinnamon rolls and tosses them in the oven on Sunday mornings. I am the mom that pops a frozen waffle in the toaster and hands it to my (almost) 11 year old as she is heading out the door to catch the bus as 6:30am.

Does this make me a bad mom? When I really start to think about it the guilt creeps up and I feel like I am failing them as a parent. These are the times that I try to remind myself that parenting is not always about what we are doing wrong but more about what we are still doing right.

I am also the mom who does my best to make sure that we all sit down and eat dinner together as a family almost every night. I am the mom who hugs my kids and tells them how much I love them every single day. I am the mom who reads to them and sings them to sleep every single night. I am the mom who holds them close when they are scared and tells them that everything will be okay.

And being that mom is what makes me proud of the mother I am and OKAY with the mother I am not.


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Sara is just your average rural mommy trying to balance life as a wife, mom of 3 girls (ages 13, 5, & 3) and blogger…and how she doesn't always succeed. When she's not wrangling kiddos she enjoys writing, gardening, and trying out new recipes. Connect with Sara on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ to follow her journey to parental bliss!


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  1. Good for you for letting some of that stuff go. I think there is a lot of pressure around us to be the perfect mom, but in reality no one can do that! Give you kids the best you can, and they will turn out great!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am so happy to read I am not the only one! My girls don’t seem to love breakfast, and neither do I really. They will occasionally want cereal, but never anything more. Since they went off formula, our pediatrician recommended Carnation Instant Breakfast and that is what they have always had for breakfast. I am not proud, but it is their routine, it fills them up, and that is what they want every single morning.

  3. lol, I have actually forgotten to feed my children before. Glad I’m not alone. :)

  4. Life is busy! I do a lot of quick breakfasts myself, but we eat as a family at the dinner table every evening! I find dinner time is the most important meal where we can go around the table and talk about our day.

  5. Frozen waffles are a staple at my house. Along with Wal Mart brand French Toast Sticks (seriously, they are the bomb!). Just think of all the extra time these delicious and easy breakfast’s give us to have fun with the kids.

  6. You’re a great mom! Guilt is totally counterproductive.
    I admit, I’m the big breakfast mom. Raw, healthy, high protein, fresh. (I make you sick huh? ; )I’m a morning person, so I hit the ground at full capacity each morning.
    It’s dinner I’m not that good at. I’m so over the whole kitchen thing by 6 p.m.! Last night, my kids were on their own for food, and that’s not unusual. We also cruise through lunch with minimal help from me; but they’re teens now, so they can feed themselves pretty well.
    I’m trying to improve my kids’ diet now, as one child has an autoimmune disease. My Vitamix is helping me – I make fruit smoothies, and have even sold them on a couple green smoothies! Wow!
    Great post!

  7. I, too, have forgotten to feed my minions before! Mommy guilt is unproductive. We all have our strengths. Our family meal has become breakfast and we sit in front of the tv for dinner. That’s what works for our family! Good for you for doing what works for yours!

  8. Carla Karam says:

    Sara… I am guilty too. Sometimes I get up and start doing chores and next thing I know its 11 in the morning and my daughter has been snacking on nuts, fruits and vegies.. and then I realize that I haven’t given her any cereal.. As far as I am concerned… You’re a great mom! Blessings to you and yours.

  9. LOL — sounds so like here! My daughter begs for frozen waffles. Otherwise it’s cereal… Or p.b. toast for my son.
    Breakfast meals that are cooked are my husband’s thing –
    OneMommy recently posted…Ultimate Blog Party 2013My Profile

  10. My son has waffles almost every night for breakfast. He’s picky and that’s about the only thing I can get him to eat sometimes. I just throw a little peanut butter on there for protein and call it a night. And I too get discouraged in my parenting, but hey that’s just the type of mom I am!
    MomChalant recently posted…You Live And You LearnMy Profile

  11. I just found your blog and its greatest one yet! Im not the best at breakfast either, but around here we do the family dinners, reading at night, and church on Sunday!


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